We think you only can

be completely relaxed

in two places; in your house and in ours.


Welcome at Ravière!    


The region

Raviere is located in Burgundy, on the border of the departments of Yonne and Nievre. Burgundy was once a part of the powerful duchy of Burgundy. In the varied landscape, with hills, forests and lakes, you can good hiking, biking or horseback riding.There are also many monasteries to find in Burgundy , the Abbey of Cluny was once the most powerful monastery in Europe and the beautiful Abbey of Fontenay is a visit worth ! Not far away is Vézelay a pilgrimage town with a beautiful church. Also close by are the vineyards of Pouilly and Sancerre.


At 20 km away from us is an area with a large lake where you can go fishing, swimming, boating, walking and relaxing. In the same area is a wildlife park and a surveilvelpark. Currently they are building there a real medieval castle with medieval tools and people in medieval clothes. Then there is the Loire river, famous for its castles, but on the river you can also sail.


The hamlet Raviere (there are only a few farms) falls under the municipality Bouhy . From Raviere to Bouhy is a fifteen minutes (one kilometer) walk. Bouhy is one of the highest hills in the area, 355 meters above sea level. From Bouhy, but also from our garden, you have a wonderful view over the surrounding area. In Bouhy you can find, a bakery, a butcher, a garage, a restaurant and a pub! There are even two interesting websites about Bouhy and its surrounding area: www.bouhy.com en www.bouhy.net