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Our rooms

In the Maison d'Hôtes we have decorated two rooms, each with its own caracter. Central in the house you will find a large livingroom with fireplace. You can enjoy a drink here while reading a book, checking your email, or information about the region or chat with other guests. Walk through the door and find our large garden, which has many secluded spots, so you can always find your self a spot. We have different rooms in our Maison d'Hôtes, each with its own facilities. All rooms are equiped with comfortable beds and good matrasses.

Chambre 'Alfons Mucha'

This attractive double room in Art-Nouveau style is on the ground floor. Windows face the large gardens and you have direct access to the living room with fireplace. 

Chambre 'Catalina'

This colourfull double room is in true Latin American style, you even have you very own hammock. This room is also on the ground floor with direct access to the gardens and the communal livingroom. It also has a small private patio outside. The room is big enough to put an extra bed in or have two single beds.

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